What We Do

Product Development – whether it is new or for refit, for one-off custom construction or mass production, we create a product from the customer’s requirements, and facilitate the best balance for the design and construction through drawings and consultation.

Concept Evolution


The customer has a vision for what they want, and through experience, sketches, and communication we work to identify the feasibility of the idea and the core requirements to make the idea viable.

Powering analysis, speed prediction, and market studies are used to ensure the concept fits the requirements for the design’s foundation.  Artistic sketches and spatial drawings are developed to illustrate the concept and present its appearance to the customer.  Refinement of all leads to preliminary parameters and a governing philosophy tailored for the project, and applied to the tasks that ensue.

Scientific Evaluation


Appeal to the governing physics, and success will follow...  Our approach to the hull design is formulated scientifically with empirical data, whether existing or required through testing.  Should the concept parameters lie outside of known data, the project evolution will be directed to model development and testing to ensure a good foundation of data analysis.

To best optimize performance aspects, focus is given to matching the hull shape to weight and weight distribution.  The design is evaluated dynamically (at speed), and at statically (at rest), and the entire design evolves to achieve the goals of the concept.  The result is a quantified conclusion that governs the shape of the hull.



A yacht is born, in digital space.  Using conclusions developed in the previous stage, the hull, deck, structure, and other details are built and refined in 3D computer space.  This tool allows the customer to view the product as it takes shape and guide its creation.  Small details come to light and are built to achieve a product that promotes efficient construction and meets the concept requirements.

Construction Facilitation


The dream is now reality, in computer space, but communication is needed to breath into it life.  Drawings and digital files are developed to allow the digital shapes to be cut and/or pieced together on a shop floor.  The forethought and intellectual property captured within those shapes are documented and illustrated to allow a robot, a craftsman, or both, to build exactly what the customer has seen on the computer screen with high tolerance.

Procurement and Oversight


Knowledge of construction and fabrication continues to promote efficiency through conversation and review.  Involvement continues after the last drawing is complete.  Once completed, a smooth transition from design phase to construction is assured by working directly with the vendors.  This may include the builder, if not already involved yet at this stage.  Packages are prepared and estimates solicited for the customer’s review.

Oversight may be requested at various levels.  Frequent visits and status reports may be required throughout vessel construction, or just a few yard visits, as needed, until sea trials are executed.